Domain of the brand Dressmaker “For Azzaro , life is a bubbling playground, an endless summer, a permanent spark. This is how its creator, Loris Azzaro, who founded the brand in 1967 lived. Patience, flamboyance and daring have always guided him. » Dressmaker

Azzaro, a house in the Sicilian soul

Loris Azzaro was born in February 1933 in Tunis. Of Sicilian parents, he spent his childhood in Tunisia where he designed clothes for his mother very early on. Passionate about art in general, he studied at the Faculty of Letters in Toulouse and obtained a license in modern letters. Nevertheless, never ceasing to dream of his clothes of yesteryear, he ended up settling in Paris in 1962 to manufacture a feminine couture collection as well as costume jewelry. In the process, he imagined pearl bags and all of his creations quickly gained a resounding success. This notoriety really began when, in 1967, Loris Azzaro presented eight spectacular outfits on the occasion of the ready-to-wear show in Paris. He then said he wanted “to make dresses that women put on and that men tear off from them.” One of them then made the cover of Elle with Cheryl Tiegs and so was propelled Azzaro on the front of the stage. However, it was not until 1975 that the brand developed its first perfume. On the other hand, it was in 1978 that the consecration arrived in this field with the development of a cult essence still particularly in vogue today: the emblematic Azzaro pour Homme.

Azzaro pour Homme, the legend of the Azzaro house

Although many successes have now emerged within the Azzaro house, the brand very first male juice remains a benchmark in its own right. However, Loris Azzaro, he who had devoted his entire life to femininity, was initially not very excited about the idea of ​​creating a perfume for men. Allowing himself to be convinced, he nevertheless fashioned Azzaro pour Homme, a juice that would become one of the greatest perfumes in modern olfactory history. This one is both elegant and refined while being particularly virile. It displays a natural sensuality and an instinctive elegance. Thus, the man who wears Azzaro pour Homme shows himself in his most seductive and charismatic aspect. It simply becomes timeless. If Loris Azzaro was first the inventor of ultra femininity, he thus seems to have brilliantly succeeded in creating a weapon of seduction that has become essential for the men’s toiletry bag. Today, Azzaro is an iconic brand in the world of beauty. Each of its juices has an incomparable aura and the public always awaits the latest creations of this house with deep impatience.

As for women, the most emblematic juices of Azzaro are none other than Mademoiselle Azzaro, created in 2016, Azzaro Club Women of 2014 or Azzaro Duo Women of 2011. Among men, on the other hand, the iconic Azzaro pour Homme still keeps its first place. It is also followed by Chrome from 1996 or Décibel from 2011. Likewise, Azzaro has more recently launched the new Azzaro Wanted, a fragrance that seems to be paving the way for great success.

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