Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Brand domain Dressmaker Year of creation 1968 The history of Calvin Klein is one of success. From the launch of its first jeans to that of its fragrance creations, each of its initiatives has been crowned with glory. The Calvin Klein style is unlike any other. It is both structured and minimalist without lacking in sensuality and that is undoubtedly the key to such success. Dressmaker

The Rise of Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s real name is Richer Klein. He spent his childhood in the Bronx in the post-war years. He quickly became interested in sewing and then turned to a school course at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. There, he worked for five years for different brands and made a meeting that marked his life. He met Nicola de Gunzburg, a businessman and editor of a fashion magazine who decided to take him under his wing. Thanks to him, he quickly made a name for himself in the business and set up his own company in 1968. His simple and elegant style quickly met with immense success. What is more, the consecration came in 1979 with the launch of his line of jeans. In this case, Calvin Klein was the first retailer to see one of his jeans photographed in Vogue. This served as a real springboard for the brand and immediately gave it worldwide notoriety. Likewise, it was in this same year that Calvin Klein decided to expand its activity and extend it to perfumery.

Calvin Klein perfumes

To support his modern and refined outfits, Calvin Klein developed a range of perfumes. Thus, Calvin Klein for women was quickly followed by Obsession, Eternity, Escape or Truth. Likewise, Calvin Klein has always managed to associate with prestigious muses in order to convey its image. Among the most famous of them, Kate Moss, Scarlett Johansson or Eva Mendes are favorites. Nevertheless, the success of Calvin Klein’s perfumery really owes its salvation to one juice in particular: the iconic CK One. This one was released in 1994 and is considered to be the first mixed fragrance in the history of contemporary perfumery. It is still today one of the best-selling essences in the world and has become the symbol of a whole generation. Since that day, Calvin Klein has been riding the wave of androgyny, a trend that appears in almost all of his advertising campaigns, all in subjectivity and provocation without lacking in elegance.

Today hui, Calvin Klein was acquired by the Philipps Van Heusen Corporation group and is one of the most influential brands on the planet. In addition, its range has expanded and Calvin Klein brings together multiple universes such as men’s and women’s fashion, perfumery but also items for the home. The artistic direction of Calvin Klein is ensured by Francisco Cesta.

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