Domain of the brand Perfumer If some houses of creation display a centuries-old history, others, on the other hand, such as Diptyque, are more recent. The latter nonetheless remain just as prestigious and endowed with unparalleled know-how. Perfumer

The foundations of Diptyque

The story of Diptyque began in Paris, at 34, boulevard Saint-Germain, in 1961. Three friends named Christiane Gautrot, architect interior, Desmond Knox-Leet, painter, and Yves Coueslant, administrator and theater designer, decided to join forces. Together, they opened a shop to exhibit their textile creations. Christiane and Desmond quickly established themselves as the creative souls while Yves instead managed the administration of this fledgling company. Little by little, this shop turned into a place of its own, a sort of chic bazaar made up of many antique and unexpected objects. Then, barely two years later, Diptyque showed a desire to expand its activity. This is how a first range of scented candles was launched in 1963. The latter paid homage to nature and had the ambition to create an intimate and constantly evolving olfactory universe over the seasons. Also, this launch served as the basis for the brand’s olfactory activity, which soon turned to perfumery.

Diptyque perfumes

It was in 1968 that Diptyque decided to compose its first eau de toilette. It was soberly called L’Eau and based its recipe on a scent of 16th century potpourri. Very quickly, new creations followed, also accompanied by body products and toilet vinegar. Thus, for more than 40 years Diptyque has been developing juices that are unlike any other, always unique in writing and most often reserved for a clientele of insiders. The Diptyque house today has no equivalence in the broad landscape of perfumery. Each of its fragrances is produced without distinction of male or female. In this sense, Diptyque has always known how to demonstrate a deep daring and avant-garde approach linked to the androgynous current. Each of the raw materials used by Diptyque is handpicked, always noble and precious. Likewise, the work of creating this sign is always very slow, leaving no stone unturned until the perfect balance is found. Diptyque therefore makes it a point of honor not to give in to any compromise. Likewise, in terms of bottles, Diptyque advocates luxury craftsmanship and always opts for unique and refined bottles. Thus, each of them is made in the purest handmade tradition. Finally, as if that were not enough, let us note that each of the Diptyque products is delivered in a pretty gift package, which has also become a signature of the house. It is an association of three sheets of tissue paper which, by a skilful folding game, signs and identifies the product it contains. Thus, each article has its unique color code, its unique bottle and its unique smell reacting differently to contact with each body.

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