Jean Patou

Jean Patou

Brand domain Dressmaker Fashion and perfumery are two intimately linked universes. Indeed, a sublime outfit would be nothing without a perfume at the height of its elegance. The fragrances thus appear as kinds of invisible adornments capable of sublimating any garment. As such, and like many other fashion designers, Jean Patou has distinguished himself in these two worlds. Dressmaker

Jean Patou, a fashion designer attentive to his time

Jean Patou was born in Paris in 1887. He began his career alongside his father in a tannery located in the Oise before joining his uncle who was a furrier. It was there that he learned the basics of the fashion profession. However, in October 1905 he spent three years in the army. On his return, he decided to settle in Paris in 1910. There, he opened a haute couture house in which he incorporated a fur workshop, a sort of homage to his family heritage. Nevertheless, financial difficulties got the better of this first experience. Far from being discouraged, Jean Patou returned in 1912 and acquired his first real store located at the Champs-Élysées roundabout. Jean Patou attempted several avant-garde projects there and it won over some actresses and socialites of his time. What is more, the models of Jean Patou were less expensive than those of its competitors. Little by little, Jean Patou planned to enlarge his shop and thus transferred it near the Place de la Concorde, in an elegant 18th century mansion, from 1914. Unfortunately, the designer was then forced to go to war and his activity could not resume until his return to Paris in 1919. Eager to be in the spirit of his time, Jean Patou then embodied the desire for freedom of his time. He exalted femininity, creating several sportswear innovations like the first women’s tennis shorts. He also created the first sleeveless jersey cardigans, pleated silk skirts stopping above the knee, and didn’t forget to match each of his outfits with multiple accessories. Likewise, it was at this moment that he embarked on the adventure of perfumery.

The perfumes of Jean Patou

Jean Patou dared the olfactory adventure in 1925 and created that year its first three perfumes. He brought up the heady scent for the brunettes of Amour Amour, the lightness for the blondes of Que Sais-je and Chaldée for the redheads. Likewise, very avant-garde, he launched his first unisex perfume in 1929. Numerous colossal successes followed. What is more, the Jean Patou house is keen to offer perfumes that are always more innovative than each other. In addition, Jean Patou has his own laboratory, which allows him to have total control of his creations. The brand is also known to be one of the biggest consumers of natural raw materials in the world. As such, Jean Patou has his own fields of rose and jasmine in the Grasse region.

Since 2001, Jean Patou perfumes have been acquired by the Procter & amp; Gamble whose division is based in Geneva. Nevertheless, this one knew how to preserve its prestige of yesteryear and to afford a Jean Patou perfume always comes down to decorating its outfit with discretion and elegance.

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