Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Brand domain Dressmaker Year of creation 1854 Louis Vuitton born August 4, 1821 in a small town from the Jura. At 14, he decided to go and try his luck in Paris, and walked the 400 km that separate him from the capital. It was in 1854 that he opened his first boutique near Place Vendôme, in Paris. He then became a trunk maker and invented “the flat trunk”, more practical for traveling. This invention will revolutionize the world of luggage and will be the starting point of an exceptional success. Dressmaker

Visionary and avant-garde, Louis Vuitton will quickly become the symbol of French luxury.

Louis Vuitton, a story of trunks

< p> In 1859, Louis Vuitton transferred his workshop to Asnières-sur-Seine in order to be able to take advantage of the river canal. From the start, Louis Vuitton offered high quality products. With his son, George, and in order to avoid counterfeiting, & nbsp; Louis deposits a print made of brown and beige checkerboard, with the inscription “& nbsp; L.Vuitton, registered trademark & ​​nbsp;”. Father and son imagined revolutionary trunks, such as the “Wardrobe”, a trunk that opens vertically to store clothes or the “speedy 25”, a mini bag, created for Audrey Hepburn. In 1885, Georges Vuitton opened his first London boutique, followed shortly after by a New York boutique. In 1977, the company became a multinational. Then, in 1987, it merged with Moët Hennessy to create LVMH, the world leader in luxury. Leather goods, ready-to-wear, perfumes, the Louis Vuitton brand has diversified its creations and has never ceased to dominate the world of luxury.

Louis Vuitton puts on perfume

< p> In the continuity of luxury, beauty and fashion, Louis Vuitton imagined a line of perfumes, released in September 2016. 7 luxurious fragrances to accompany women on their travels. It was the master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud who created these fragrances. “& Nbsp; Compass rose” evokes the lightness and beauty of roses. “Turbulence” is a magical creation around tuberose. “& Nbsp; In the skin & nbsp;” invites a very sensual break. “& Nbsp; Peak & nbsp;” breathes an ode to nature and renewal thanks to lily of the valley. “Against me” is the symbol of a delicate and fresh fragrance. “& Nbsp; Black magic & nbsp;” emphasizes the darkness of a very precious wood, Laos agarwood. Finally, “A thousand lights” combines leather and raspberry and thus offers an olfactory apotheosis. The bottles are purified, transparent glass, black typography, very discreet engraving of the Louis & nbsp; Vuitton house.

Left alone in Paris to create a destiny, Louis Vuitton has created an empire. The brand’s luggage and leather goods were all designed by Louis Vuitton, his son and their descendants. Today, Louis Vuitton reflects the symbol of true French luxury. Even though Louis’ small business has become a multinational, all of these products have kept the soul of Louis Vuitton.

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