Paloma Picasso

Paloma Picasso

Who said that fashion and the highest office in our society should be ruled by men? This philosophy is now well behind us and the talented Paloma Picasso proves that women do have their place in the highly prized world of Haute Couture and Haute Parfumerie. Back on his career and his most beautiful creations.

Who is behind the name Paloma Picasso?

Paloma Picasso was born on April 19, 1949 in Paris. Her name is not unknown to you, and for good reason… She is indeed one of the children of Pablo Picasso and Françoise Gillot, painter and writer. The youngest child of the tribe, she was very close to her parents and was even symbolized in several paintings by her father. Indeed, Paloma means dove in Spanish and this is how the paintings were created & nbsp; “Paloma in blue” and “Paloma with an orange”. She began her career in 1968, in the manufacture of jewelry. Indeed, since her earliest childhood, Paloma Picasso has always been very interested in designing jewelry but also in wearing it. She thus drew her inspiration from her environment, from her memories and from her encounters. Each of his creations is thus conceived by a daring association of textures, colors and shapes. His necklaces immediately met with great success, so much so that Paloma Picasso was hired by his friend Yves Saint-Laurent. In parallel, from 1971, she also worked for the Greek jeweler Zolotas. Then, she decided to leave Paris to join the prestigious Tiffany brand in New York. She developed there a considerable sense of aesthetics allied to an overflowing creativity. Likewise, it was at this time that she developed her first perfume.

Paloma Picasso’s perfumery

Paloma Picasso has always loved the color red. Thus, it has become a signature on many of his creations, including in perfumery. As you will have understood, do not imagine one day crossing Paloma Picasso without a dash of lipstick! What is more, if Paloma Picasso wanted to orient himself in the world of perfumery, it was also to pay tribute to his grandfather, Émile Gillot, who was himself a perfumer. At his side, she was very young initiated into the world of scents. She then named her first creation Mon Parfum and launched it in 1984. It first appeared in the form of an eau de toilette before evolving into an eau de parfum the following year. This chypre and floral juice is both complex and very assertive. In addition, it responds to the personal tastes of Paloma Picasso and does not follow the trends of perfumery in any way. It is considered to be a perfume reserved for connoisseurs and situated at the antipodes of current too commercial juices. It was then followed, in 1992, by the perfume for men Minotaure, a kind of oriental fern inspired by Greek mythology. Likewise, Temptations of 1996 is not lacking in temperament either. Nevertheless, he had more difficulty finding a clientele.

Today, Paloma Picasso offers a fairly short range of perfumes. However, each of them is particularly worked and displays an unusual character.

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